“Change Your Heart”

“Using God to cover up injustice is an extremely serious sin”. Pope Francis issued this stern warning against social injustice, most of all the sort caused by those who exploit workers, during Mass on Friday morning, 20 February, in the chapel at Casa Santa Marta. The starting point for the Pontiff’s reflection was the prayer […]

smile and wave

The Fraternal Role: “Brotherhood is a great thing”

Dear Brothers and Sisters, good morning! In our series of catechesis on the family, after having considered the role of the mother, the father and children, today is the turn of brothers and sisters. “Brother” and “sister” are words that Christianity loves very much. And, thanks to the family experience, they are words that all cultures […]

Interreligious meeting in Sri Lanka.

Pope Francis in Asia

Pope proclaims Sri Lanka’s first saint, right to religious freedom Canonizing Sri Lanka’s first saint, who ministered to Catholics under persecution three centuries earlier, Pope Francis proclaimed what he called the “fundamental human right” of religious freedom. “Each individual must be free, alone or in association with others, to seek the truth, and to openly […]

Sri Lanka, Madhu.

Sri Lanka: After civil war, reconciliation

The people of Sri Lanka recently ended 25 years of ethnic and religious civil war, and the central message of Pope Francis during his three-day visit to the island was “reconciliation.” He said that would require people to accept persistent differences within their society. And, he said, “the process of healing also needs to include […]

St Peter's railroad station with convenient connections to Rome's beaches or to Rome's main railroad station and subway system.

Via Monte Del Gallo

For many years, Friar Tuck and I were neighbors on Via Monte del Gallo, a narrow, quiet, residential street, which winds uphill from the Italian State Railway’s St. Peter’s station at the beginning of Via Greg­orio VII to the Vatican-owned, spartan, rabbit-warren hotel Casa Tra Noi ( With its ample parking lot for buses and […]

The Pope in Domus Santa Marta.

From the Domus Santa Marta: The Words of Pope Francis

With this issue we are beginning a new “rubrica” (section) of the magazine, named “From the Domus Santa Marta.” I have chosen the passages from Pope Francis’ morning homilies which struck me most deeply, and helped deepen my own faith. In these homilies, he seems to be and to speak as a parish priest with his parishioners. […]


Pope Francis greets a baby while meeting newly married couples during his general audience in the Paul IV Hall at the Vatican.

Vatican Watch February 2015

SUNDAY 4 Pray for peace, look to Mary Peace is a gift. It comes through prayer and small daily efforts to sow harmony in one’s family, parish and community, Pope Francis said today. “At the beginning of this new year, we are all called to re­ignite in our hearts a spark of hope, which must […]

Father Richard P. McBrien.

People February 2015

Father Richard McBrien, prolific theologian and essayist, dies at 78 Father Richard P. McBrien, retired professor of theology at the University of Notre Dame and chair of the university’s theology department for 11 years, died January 25 at age 78, after a long illness, in his native Connecticut. Father McBrien wrote 25 books as well […]

St Peter's Basilica is seen in the background as seminarians lead a procession during the dedication of a new building at the Pontifical North American College in Rome.

New “Tower Built at North American College

Pope Pius IX founded the North American College in 1859. Its first home — until the outbreak of the Second World War when Pope Pius XII closed Rome’s “foreign” seminaries — was at a former Dominican and Visitation convent, the Casa Santa Maria, near the Trevi Fountains, today the residence of American priests pursuing graduate […]

Coins of the Mint of Gela, by Giancarlo Altieri and Eleonora Giampiccolo.

The Ancient Coins of Gela

Le monete della Zecca di Gela (“The Coins of the Mint of Gela”) is the title of this bilingual (Italian, English) volume published by the Vatican Publishing House. It showcases the coins of the ancient Sicilian city of Gela, preserved both at the Archeological Museum of Sicily and at the Vatican Apostolic Library’s Numismatic Cabinet, […]

A statue of Father Serra in the courtyard of the San Buenaventura Mission in California.

Juniper Serra

The Pope will canonize a great evangelizer of the American West, But many oppose the decision. Our correspondent analyzes the controversy… Of all the comments Pope Francis made on his recent trip to the Philippines and Sri Lanka, perhaps the least cited were those destined to have the greatest impact: the announcement that Junipero Serra, […]

Fresco of St. John Chrysostom.

Urbi et Orbi Section

Our special Urbi et Orbi section, in which we highlight the spirituality, prayer, customs and practices of our brothers and sisters in the churches of the East, continues… We begin the penitential season of Lent — the season in which we most profoundly enter into the mysteries of Christ’s redemption of the human race. And […]

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From left: Dr. Robert Moynihan, Fr. Josiah Trenham, Deacon Peter Kozdrin, Leonid Sevastianov, Fr. Ogulchanskyi Bohdan, Alex Sigov, Igor Novikov, Msgr. Duarte de Cunha at the National Press Club, December 11, 2014.

Urbi et Orbi Section: Our First Annual Dinner & Retreat

GATHERING CLERGY, SCHOLARS, MEMBERS OF the media and activists from 12 nations and more than 8 Christian churches of Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant communions, the Urbi et Orbi Foundation held its first annual Dinner and Retreat to celebrate two years of “building bridges” between the East and West, so that Christianity may “breathe,” as Pope […]

Naples, Italy.

Food For Thought

Although pizza was almost certainly born more than 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, it’s the single food most firmly associated with Italy, and particularly with Nap­les. The first documented pizzas were eaten in ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum, where archaeologists have uncovered brick pizza ovens. But it was pizza without mozzarella and tomatoes, which were […]

Tracey Rowland, dean of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Melbourne, Australia, is one of five women on the 30-member International Theological Commission.

Vatican Watch January 2015

Sunday 30 “Let them know the affection and warmth,” pope says During the Year of Consecrated Life, thank God for the gifts those in religious life give the Church and the world, join them in prayer and support them and their ministries, Pope Francis said. “Let them know the affection and the warmth which the […]

Giotto's fresco of St. Francis abandoning his father and his patrimony.

St. Francis Visits New York

“How I would like a Church that is poor and for the poor!” —Pope Francis On March 16, 2013, at his first papal audience just three days after his election, Pope Francis told the some 5,000 international journalists present that he had chosen his new name in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, ”the man […]

Among the attendees at the presentation were Cardinal Walter Brandmueller, now retired, a German historian who lives in Rome (far right).

“The Primary and indispensable Source…”

A book on the liturgy was presented in Rome in November — a book which contains the proceedings of a 2013 liturgical conference aimed at continuing the “reform of the reform”. The presentation of the book Sacred Liturgy: The Source and Summit of the Life and Mission of the Church on November 21, 2014, at […]

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